Leadership From the Inside Out

Success in any organization depends on the leadership and coaching skills of its supervisors, managers and emerging leaders. The culture of any entity starts at the top and permeates the entire organization. True leadership originates from the inside out.

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Emotional Intelligence:
How To Carve A Duck

Strange title? Powerful topic!  Meet a system of self-coaching that helps participants become more patient, confident, and calm in difficult situations. Why a kind and approachable tone of voice works!  Learn strategies leading to higher levels of emotional intelligence, increased awareness (mindfulness) and mastery of desired skills.

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Life Is A Banquet So Why Bring
A Sandwich?

Quality guru, Ed Deming, reminds us that people thrive in positive working environments and that successful organizations are comprised of people who want to be there! Organizations that create a positive culture reap rewards! People enjoy coming to work! It's these organizations that are always on the leading edge.

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Go After Some Laughter!

Go After Some Laughter -  Liven up a banquet, employee appreciation event or any function with a purpose to have fun and enjoy the fruits of success!

Study after study proves laughter increases teamwork and productivity and has a profound effect on both physical and emotional well-being. The objective of this presentation is to help us lighten-up: take ourselves less seriously  - while taking what we do and how we treat each other seriously.



Topics can be customized to your situation, audience and your goals!


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