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Life Is A Banquet So Why Bring A Sandwich


The purpose of Life is a Banquet so why bring a sandwich is to give participants an uplifting shot of Positive Mental Attitude about their careers, their customers and co-workers and life in general. It outlines five specific attributes that lead to success and happiness both on and off the job. It is positive, upbeat and laced with fun and humor!


1. Build a better you

2. 5 traits of successful and happy people

3. Making personal positivity a way of life

4. Light a single candle. 

Participants will learn how to

Make positivity a way of life

Grow 5 attitudes that lead to success and happiness

Use the power of positive expectancy

Recognize the importance of solution consciousness

Understand the benefits of being a people-builder

Light single candles along the way

Next Steps…

Chat with Denny. What are you thinking of for your next conference, workshop or meeting? Life is a banquet so why bring a sandwich can be customized to meet your organization’s goals and timeline. And that’s what you want!

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