What's the presentation about?

Conference attendees look for opportunities to improve leadership skills. Leadership From the Inside Out teaches useful and practical skills that reinforce and re-teach proven techniques that help participants enhance leadership capabilities.

Participants will learn how to

Grow 5 traits of a successful leader

Stay positive even during challenging times

Create increased awareness leading to self-mastery

Self-coach to mastery of any desired skill

Develop emotional intelligence that leads to a calm, controlled leadership style

Stay calm under fire

Clearly define and train for desired outcomes

Interact calmly and effectively with upset people

Deal with problems in a corrective rather than critical manner


  1. Leadership: YOU make the difference
  2. Keeping yourself positive during challenging times
  3. Emotional Intelligence - How to Carve a Duck
  4. The Importance of Awareness - Awareness Precedes Change
  5. 4 Steps to self-coaching
  6. Outcome-based Leadership - Clearly defining expectations
  7. 3 Steps for Dealing with upset people
  8. Conflict Resolution/Staying calm under fire
  9. YOU create the culture


Break-out Topics

Leadership from the inside out,  or Emotional Intelligence: How to carve a duck  serve as excellent break-out sessions. Other session can be custom-designed:

Keeping yourself positive during challenging times

Staying calm under fire/Dealing with difficult people

Calm and Confident Conflict Resolution

Customer service: You DO make the difference

Embracing Diversity: Making our communities safe and welcoming for ALL people

Next Steps...

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