Leadership From The Inside Out

Success in any organization depends on the leadership and coaching skills of supervisors, managers and emerging leaders. The culture of any entity starts at the top and permeates the entire organization. True leadership originates from the inside out. Leadership from the inside out is a hands-on session based on the premise that the leaders is the decisive element in any organization.

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Emotional Intelligence: How To Carve A Duck

Strange title? Powerful results! Here is a system of self-coaching that helps participants become more patient, more confident and remain calm in intense situations. Learn three strategies leading to a higher level of emotional intelligence, increased awareness (mindfulness) and self-mastery of any desired skill. Participants get takeaways they can use immediately in and outside of the workplace.

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Life Is A Banquet So Why Bring A Sandwich

Quality guru, Ed Deming, reminds us that people thrive in a positive work environment and that successful organizations are made up of happy people. Namely - people who want to come to work! Leaders who create a culture that people want to be part of and a workplace where people enjoy coming to work are always on the leading edge.

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Conference Break Out Topics

Leadership From The Inside Out, Emotional Intelligence: How To Carve A Duck can serve as excellent break-out sessions. Other sessions can be custom designed:

  1. Keeping Yourself Positive During Challenging Times
  2. Staying Calm Under Fire / Dealing With Difficult People
  3. Calm and Confident Conflict Resolution
  4. Customer Service: You DO Make The Difference
  5.  Embracing Diversity; Making Our Communities Safe And Welcoming For ALL People

Go After Some Laughter!

Go After Some Laughter is a fitting banquet or luncheon presentation that leaves the audience laughing, yet reminded of the little things that we can do to make life more meaningful for others.

Sometimes we just have to have a little fun! Countless hours of research tell us that laughter has a profound effect on our health, emotional well-being, and our ability to get along with others, and our enjoyment in general.

Dr. Wayne Dyer reminds us that the greatest challenge in life is to learn to enjoy it! Go After Some Laughter helps us lighten up and laugh while remaining serious about what we do and how we treat each other.

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